How Art benefits Babies…

We’re offering a super engaging¬†sensory art experience¬†for your baby, something they can enjoy and learn from! With their curious nature and that tight grip round your finger, to their bright eyes and listening ears, babies are just delighted with the new world they’re discovering.


At Creative Natives you’ll see how much your baby can appreciate Art!
Your little one can do much more than you first imagine, they can see light and colour, grab paint brushes, squeeze sponges and rustle fabrics. For the most fun, they can use our edible paint and dab, smear and paint all over a page, possibly painting you too…all foundations for good fine motor skills and hand to eye co-ordination. Not to mention all the brain development, and emotional and social benefits of being in a group of babas, while precious connections are formed with you too.

So creative discovery awaits, we’ll take care of the mess, it’s time to explore art with your baby!