Dress for Mess‘! We have the kind of fun that’s easily cleaned up!

We always have warm soapy water trays to wash up in afterwards.

You should wear something comfortable, you’ll be sitting on a rug on the floor if you’re with the babies/mini-movers and hovering about the toddlers!


We recommend choosing an old onsie with foot holes for your baby to wear at each session! Less stress for you, they can get changed afterwards and chuck it in the wash when you get home.


The Toddlers get to wear one of our Creative Natives capes, but their feet and legs may get messy – so wear old trousers/leggings and throw their shoes off for a good time!

*All our baby paints are washable and edible, our toddler paints are bright and bold so may leave light stains on pale clothing – don’t wear your ‘best’ outfits.

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