You’ve probably been there, art with the little people seemed like a great idea before they got paint everywhere and you’re trying not to freak out! At Creative Natives, yes there’s paint, yes there’s ‘mess’, but it’s all good!

Allowing your toddler to get messy is so beneficial, we forget that this ‘mess’ is actually great for them, they feel free to play and express themselves, with your approval!
Working in large scale on the floor means they are encouraged to learn spacial awareness as they stretch and paint, they improve motor skills and do some problem solving too while they make their art. Their fine motor skills are being exercised when they work at sticking a collage, or using pencils, crayons or brushes which hones their mini hands for future hand skills like writing or drawing.
Not forgetting the social and emotional benefits of the Art Sessions, being in a group of mini artists all sharing materials is good for them, they learn to appreciate the shared and individual experience as they explore their creative flow.
Creative Natives Art Sessions give them the opportunity to discover art and feel confident in their own ability. With lots of encouragement they will be taken through the fundamentals of drawing, painting, collage, printing and various other age appropriate art forms.
We have no doubt, they’ll be so proud of their work and you’ll love the time spent with them, so much!
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